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1. Brainstorm Dropshipping Product Ideas

You never have to start on a blank page. Your head is already full of the best items to dropship: your hobbies, products you like, newly discovered passions. Using tools such as Google Trends can unearth new possibilities and rationalize product investments so you can plan your dropshipping business successfully. Start by tapping into the wealth of information and inspiration you already have floating around in your own brain.
Write everything down that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter if you think the product will be a bestseller or not. Don’t skip this step as it provides an important foundation for completing the next ones.

Find Products to Sell Online Through Browsing Other Shops
Back in the 1980s, Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton was arrested for crawling around stores on his hands and knees. He later told a friend he was measuring the spaces between product shelves to determine how his competitors displayed their products.

At the time, Walmart was making $400M+ in sales, but Walton knew that there was more he could earn if only he could master the approaches his competitors were using to sell their products.

When you browse other stores, look at their offerings, best selling lists, and promoted products. Many stores have a tremendous amount of data and employ entire departments to organize their sales and select their products. Use that information to your benefit. Browse a lot, and browse frequently. It’ll help you come up with the best products to dropship.

Here is a link list of stores and resources you should regularly review:

Add to your product list any of the dropshipping ideas posted on these sites that pique your interest.

2. Find the Best Dropshipping Products on Social Shopping Sites

There are over 100 million products on Polyvore and 30 million on Wanelo. Add Fancy, Pinterest, and even Instagram to the mix, and you have a very large number of products from around the world that can easily be sorted by popularity, trends, categories, and more.

People often overlook these sites in their research, but they are valuable for drawing insights about which kinds of products are making waves on the internet from one day to the next.

Therefore, I recommend setting up an account on each one of these websites. Subscribe to different categories and lists. Follow what people like the most and add those things to your list. When you’re constantly surrounding yourself with inspiration, you’ll quickly come up with dropshipping product ideas that have profit-generating potential.

Ask Your Friends for Dropshipping Ideas

The next time you have coffee with friends, research some Google Trends data on popular products beforehand and ask their opinion about those items. Don’t limit yourself to your own demographics either. Talk with friends of all ages and backgrounds to get a wide variety of dropshipping ideas and a wider range of perspectives about what stuff to sell online. You’ll likely end up with dropshipping ideas you hadn’t even considered, and these will make your ecommerce store that much better.

3. Look Around You for Additional Ideas About What to Sell Online

Look around your house, your workspace, and the places in your community that you frequently visit. Are there any products you can’t live without? Which products would make your life easier? Is there anything that is hard to find in the supermarket or at local shops? The answers to these questions could hold the key when your aim is to sell products online that will actually turn a profit.

Consider this: Howard Schultz came up with his coffee shop idea on a trip to Italy and later called it Starbucks. Lots of dropshipping product ideas can definitely come to mind while traveling, it’s equally possible to spot them locally in everyday life. Start using your daily life as its own databank for product ideas. Stay alert and spot opportunities. Once you adopt this mindset, you will begin to see hundreds of products and dropshipping ideas each day.

When you’re being active with your ideation you’ll quickly come up with a list of the best dropshipping products for your store. So, be observant, carry a notebook, and remember to write everything down.

Real Winning Products From Oberlo Users

Sites to Avoid When Coming Up With Dropshipping Ideas

When coming up with your list of products to sell online, I suggest you don’t look at sites like SpringWise.com or TrendHunter.com. It’s not that they are inherently bad. In fact, they are great for other purposes. When it comes to generating product ideas and deciding what items to sell, however, product trend sites publish ideas that are often out of reach for the average merchant because, oftentimes, too many have already jumped on the bandwagon with selling these items. In other cases, these products are simply too difficult to obtain for dropshipping purposes. They’ll provide you with good dropshipping product ideas, but they might not necessarily be right for your store. For example, how would you import and promote Wearable Sleeves that Help Stroke Victims Recover or Herb Inspired Fragrances with dropshipping?

What to Sell Online: Deciding on Top-Selling Products

Next, we will be covering how to narrow down your dropshipping product ideas list by filtering them under the following considerations so that it only contains the very best dropshipping products.

Note that your dropshipping ideas list will be ongoing as you continue to draw inspiration and discover new product trends.

Anyone can import dozens of popular products their stores in just a few minutes. The tricky part is knowing how to figure out what items to sell online based on what will also fit with your marketing campaigns, display well on your homepage, and generally make sense within the context of your brand. These kinds of top-selling products are called ‘Alpha Products.’ They are items that draw lots of traffic to your store. After you have determined your Alpha Products, it takes no time at all to fill in the rest of the store with cross-sellingupselling, and related products.

  1. Think Niche to Find Dropshipping Product IdeasWith the rise of dropshipping, niche shops have become the trend. Niches have since turned from an eCommerce novelty to a proven, successful strategy.It makes sense. There’s no use in fighting with the big stores for potential customers’ attention. Avoid categories that are too broad or general. The masses are already exposed to thousands of offers daily.
    Instead, look to supply niche products that are underserved by the larger players. For example, there is no specific interest group for a normal belt, but you can easily tell that cycling gear will resonate well with cycling enthusiasts. Find your niche. If you can come up with niche dropshipping product ideas, you’re already more likely to turn a profit when you sell products online.
  2. The ‘Stay Away’ Categories When Finding Products to Sell OnlineEven if some of the products in this category may overlap with niche products, it’s essential to narrow down your product selection by excluding items listed in the ‘stay away’ categories. Some product categories have grown significantly over the last decade, and there are already too many strong players and smaller shops out there supplying these items. Just look at the eCommerce growth rates: books and the jewelry certainly aren’t making the cut. More than 80% of Americans say they’ve bought electronics or apparel online in the past three months, which means they already have their choice of trusted store. Cross off the following general categories from your idea list: books, jewelry, electronics, and clothing. You’ll need to be more specific by finding a niche.


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