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Even for him, Scott’s success with the one product store sometimes felt surprising.

“When I hit 100 orders I was thinking, ‘I don’t know if I’ll sell too many more of this.’ When I hit 1,000 I was like, ‘You know I think it’s kind of getting exhausted.’ When I hit 5,000 I was thinking that there’s no way I could sell more than this. And now it’s at over 9,000. I don’t know when this is gonna stop!”

But he believes in the power of his approach, and that keeping it simple is the most obvious approach for new entrepreneurs.

As Ken Segall says in Insanely Simple:

“The reality is that providing too many choices is a quick way to drive people to confusion.”

Thanks to his rapid success, Scott has caught the attention of some business heavyweights. Tai Lopez, ultra-famous business guru and today’s answer to Tony Robbins, noticed Scott’s business was growing quickly.

“Tai Lopez reached out to me. I got a message on Facebook asking if I wanted to be in his invite-only 300 Group of absolute top performers. He invited us all to his $30 million dollar Beverly Hills Home, so I flew out there and about 10 of us were there with him and we had an awesome dinner for four or five hours.”

Now Scott is using the skills he’s learned with his business to teach others how to build their own ecommerce stores using the one-product model. He’s just returned home from a trip around the US to meet with other entrepreneurs and help promote his Simplified Dropshipping program. He says his message to them is simple, “One product is literally doing all this for me.”

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