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Who it’s For

Our Content Licensing services are ideal for entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, and consultants who have created a successful program, course, book, or mastermind and are seeking to license their program to agencies, institutions, corporations, and solopreneurs.

Who it’s Not For

Entrepreneurs who have not generated a minimum of 100 sales of their online program, course, book, or mastermind.

*There are notable exceptions with social media following and offline celebrity and credibility.

Why License Your Online Program?

  • Creating a licensing option for your course enables additional options for your intellectual property.
  • Increase recurring revenue for your course
  • Increase service delivery for your course
  • Create dozens of sales opportunities for your content

What are Other Ways that Your Content Can be Licensed?

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Special Interest Groups
  • University
  • Government Agencies
  • United States Military
  • High Schools
  • Nonprofit organizations
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How it Works

1.)We build your business plan to identify expenses, narrow down the target audience, and create the learning path for your clients.

2.)We provide market research analysis to increase clarity in your message

3.)We manage an online project plan to for milestone and deliverable management

4.)We coordinate all priorities via weekly 45-minute strategy calls. You receive a recording of the call within 24 hours

5.)We provide done-for-you support for building landing pages, registration emails, and follow-up emails

6.) We will work with you on developing the curriculum and test questions

7.) We provide launch support for your curriculum to include social media posts and copywriting

8.) We help you establish affiliate partners using done-for-you strategies

Client Support

We will provide you with unlimited email and messaging support during the process

We provide warranty packages ranging from 6-18 months.

Do We Offer a Guarantee?

We will support all work delivered within our Warranty window. If any content is lost, deleted, or corrupted, we will provide a full restoration point to any online platform of your choice, no questions.

We will provide unlimited email and messaging support during the delivery of the project.

There is a one-month maintenance window to support any questions after the work is completed.

Sounds Great. What is My Investment?

Our Content Licensing programs start at $5,000.

Payment plans and flex-pay options are available.

We use an auto-debit process that accepts PayPal, debit, or credit card.

Next Steps?

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