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Are you prepared to show up online in your video presence? Video is positioned to dominate how we consume content online. In this episode of Conversational Currency, Strategist and highly sought after Storyteller Emmy Wu clearly decodes video strategy for creatives, coaches, and small business owners. Through Emmy’s personal journey you will learn:

-Understanding the archetypes for successful video campaigns

-Overcoming imposter syndrome

-Tips and tools to create high quality video

-Emmy’s tipping point that lead to becoming an entrepreneur

-How to discover the story within you.

Meet Emmy Wu

Led by intuition and driven by data, Emmy is a storyteller & strategist who helps visionary entrepreneurs reach more people and create a bigger positive impact, using the power of video. 

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About Conversational Currency:

Conversational Currency is Maryland’s top small business talk show which focuses on the value of social skills for business in a digital era shared through the lens of today’s business and thought leaders. Lead by Baltimore’s top small business advisor Shadeed Eleazer, each episode contains news, notes, and exclusives to help you grow on your entrepreneurial journey.

Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed Eleazer is a Certified Business Mentor and President of SCORE/SBA in the Greater Baltimore Region. He is a US Navy Veteran, Best-Selling Author, and in-demand LinkedIn speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert. He is a Microsoft partner who leads the longest running Microsoft learning community in the state of Maryland.