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We make signature programs and courses "license ready" through our 9 step program and help our clients license their content to universities and corporations through our done-for-you services.

Partnership Values

Learn more about our unique approach to forming strategic partnerships.

Actively Restoring Family Values to Partnerships

Our business partnership philosophy is simple: we partner with the person based on their values, history, and moral compass. Once that is established, the product or service being offered is an easy sell.

We Eliminate Transactional Partnerships

The Relational Currency process eliminates transactional relationships. We believe in long term partnerships that are non-transactional.

Relationship Building Opportunities

Browse our most popular partnership opportunities. Allow us to promote your message to our highly engaged audiences.

The One Thing Business Advisory Series

The One Thing Business Advisory Series

The One Thing Advisory series is a recurring content series which answers the question

"What is your one tip to help entrepreneurs thrive in 2020?"

Distribution: 80,000 followers

Audience: Current and Aspiring entrepreneurs

Conversational Currency

Conversational Currency Talk Show

Conversational Currency is Baltimore's top rated Small Business talk show.

Demographic: Aspiring and current Small business owners, freelancers, and experts.

Distribution: 725,000 households

Audience: 180,000 social media followers

Daily Accountability Journal

List Exchange Promotion

List swapping is an opportunity where your free giveaway is shared with our distribution network of 173,000 social media followers and 7,000+ email subscribers.

Distribution: 7,500 email subscribers followers and 80,000 followers

Audience: Current and Aspiring entrepreneurs aged 28-55.

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