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Understanding the Value of Credit Education featuring Keon Haley of FICO

In our communities, financial literacy is often a topic that we discuss.

In today’s episode of Conversational Currency, we are discussing the value of credit education and the importance of understanding Your FICO score with our special guest today Keon Haley of FICO.

Learn more about the SCORE A Better Future education series by browsing FICO’s website. https://www.fico.com/en/sabf

I am proud to announce a new partnership with FICO to increase financial education within the Mid-Atlantic region. FICO’s SCORE a Better Future series has resulted in a boost in financial awareness and a path towards healthy credit history for several of our members.

Recommended Resource:

Increase your financial literacy through the Financial Starter Kit. It’s a guide that I highly recommend.

Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed Eleazer is a Certified Business Mentor and President of SCORE/SBA in the Greater Baltimore Region. He is a US Navy Veteran, Best-Selling Author, and in-demand LinkedIn speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert. He is a Microsoft partner who leads the longest running Microsoft learning community in the state of Maryland.