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In this episode, I am interviewing Software and Content Licensing Strategist Shadeed Eleazer on the topic: “Why You Should Stop Chasing Clients and Start Enrolling Students”. In this session you will learn:

  • How to Escape the Time for Money Exchange through packaging your knowledge
  • Why Packaging Your Knowledge is the best strategy for service based businesses
  • Introduction to Content Licensing

Shadeed is hosting a 5 day “Find Your Intellectual Property” challenge designed to help experts, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs discover their gifts and monetize their intellectual property. The challenge starts on Monday, November 15th, 2021. Register below: https://mrshadeed.com/ip



On the Refine and Reframe podcast, I discussed the Cancerian astrological symbol and shared how it applies to business, love, and life.  

About Refine and Reframe Podcast

A podcast that dissects the minds of successful zodiac signs so that the listeners are empowered to better move in their own respective lives.

“Cheerful You!” LIVE w/ Allen Kares
Let’s talk about what brings you JOY!
I invite you to meet my extraordinary mentors and KindredSpirit-friends.
BE INSPIRED by their wisdom, insights, stories, and gifts.

Content Licensing is a multi-trillion dollar industry that few business owners are aware of. In this exclusive conversation with Licensing Expert Shadeed Eleazer, you will learn how you can leverage your Intellectual Property to increase recurring revenue in your business through licensing your ideas, solutions, and content. Press play on this episode and learn: -Examples of licensing that are all around you -How to structure your courses, and programs into license ready curriculum -What agencies, universities, and corporations expect from your programs before making a purchase Download the Digital Assets Execution Plan and learn how to package your knowledge into digital products to escape the time for money exchange in your business

Couch to Podium Podcast Presents: 

Building Wealth through Content Using Digital Assets with Shadeed Eleazer

In this episode with Shadeed Eleazer, a US Navy Veteran and Baltimore’s leading Small Business Advisor, we speak about how small businesses can build their wealth through creating digital content. We will be touching on topics, related to Search engines, to licensing your content.

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