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Did you know that billions of dollars are invested every year in online learning?

Companies need content to empower their employees now more than ever with the rise of work from home and remote learning and training.
Did you ever want to sell your programs, systems or strategies to businesses, organizations or corporations?

I’m proud to partner with the Ultimate Licensing Formula is a 3-Day free live online event where you can learn “How to Sell, License or Rent Your Programs, Systems and Content to Businesses, Organizations and Corporations”

During this event you will discover how to:

  • Identify your sellable content and intellectual property assets
  • Price your programs and content for different type of organizations
  • Approach or attract businesses and corporations to invest on your programs
  • The Triangulation Method to maximize your profits and impact
  • And much more

Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed Eleazer is a Certified Business Mentor and President of SCORE/SBA in the Greater Baltimore Region. He is a US Navy Veteran, Best-Selling Author, and in-demand LinkedIn speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert. He is a Microsoft partner who leads the longest running Microsoft learning community in the state of Maryland.