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Synopsis: The Art of Showing Up is a podcast interview that I appeared on to discuss core values and consistency as the foundation to deeper relationships hosted by my friend, accomplished Business Coach Jay Rooke.

How are you showing up in your life and business? The times we are living are character-defining moments. You’ve listened to newscasters and YouTube gurus give you many ideas on how to navigate through COVID, mass unemployment, and a widespread loss of hope and despair.

My advice is simple.

1.) Keep showing up 2.) Amplify your humanity

The Background Story

I had the opportunity to re-connect with my friend Jay Rooke. This interview represents a full-circle moment for me as we were discussing ideas for launching his podcast not too long ago. This interview was to commemorate his 100th episode as a sign of respect for his achievement and consistent.

Podcast Episode Overview

In this episode, I had an insightful convo with Shadeed Eleazer, Baltimore’s leading Small Business Advisor. Half of being an entrepreneur revolves around building a network and the other half is all about nurturing that network through core values and consistency. This discussion is striking to me because, as entrepreneurs, we always engage in transactions, barely noticing that our relationships are gradually turning transactional as well- solely need-based, without the human element of it. In relation to that, Shadeed talks about being intentional as to why, where, and how we show up, and for whom should we primarily do it. He also discusses how to deal with the dynamic nature of relationships, understand the Power Circle concept, being founded on your core values, and so much more!

“If you want to balance, you have to think about what you stand for as if it’s the contract by which you see the world and the agreements that you keep with the world around you.” -Shadeed Eleazer

Episode Highlights:

02:14 Family Businesses, Profits, and Reinvestments
07:14 Ego and Performance
13:01 The Art of Showing Up
22:46 Projects Over Tasks
26:26 The Ever-Changing State of Relationships
30:34 Values Over Tactics
35:04 The Power Circle
42:44 How to Scale Your Network Rapidly

Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed Eleazer is a Certified Business Mentor and President of SCORE/SBA in the Greater Baltimore Region. He is a US Navy Veteran, Best-Selling Author, and in-demand LinkedIn speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert. He is a Microsoft partner who leads the longest running Microsoft learning community in the state of Maryland.