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In this article, we’re going to demystify what Digital Assets and we’re going to also take a look at some ways that you can package the knowledge within in your brain and utilize it through creating digital products and hosting them online to sidestep the time for money trap.

What are Digital Assets?

A Digital Asset is intellectual property or a platform that is hosted online you own and control.

Why You are Sitting on a Goldmine

Millions of people each day are searching online for problems of all sorts. There are several trillion searches done every year. We often devalue our experience and don’t ever receive a full understanding of how large of a market we can support with our gifts and what we’ve learned.

By simply having a clear understanding of what you can solve and packaging the solution regularly through the creation of digital assets, you will invoke a royalty generating machine that will change your life and your tax bracket with the right guidance.

Why the Time for Money Exchange is a Trap

The big myth that we often fall into as service providers is you can earn enough money to be financially secure when working with clients.

If you have a contract with a corporation or agency or you have some form of service delivery it may seem like all is well when you’re on the project. Let’s say you have a one-year contract and you’re being paid every month. When you’re on the project you are giving your time to deliver great work but you’re not planting your seeds for the future in terms of prospecting and making sure that you create that pipeline that you need in order to have sustainable income while you’re on the project.

In the case where the project gets cut short due to funding or if you honorably complete the terms of your contract, you will have a period or gap in between clients, contracts, or assignments.

Since you haven’t planted the seeds for the gap months, this lapse will continue to set you back. This cycle continues on and on which is why it is known as a trap.

The longer the gap continues begins to impact your savings and nest egg and basic math will tell you thatif you have expenses leaving your account at a higher rate than it enters, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Digital Assets can easily improve your life with the right amount of focus and effort.

What Digital Asset will you create this week? Comment below.

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Shadeed Eleazer

Shadeed Eleazer is a Certified Business Mentor and President of SCORE/SBA in the Greater Baltimore Region. He is a US Navy Veteran, Best-Selling Author, and in-demand LinkedIn speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert. He is a Microsoft partner who leads the longest running Microsoft learning community in the state of Maryland.