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Is it more important to create solutions or ensure that your user community gains value from the solutions that have been created?

When the story of adoption is told across organizations, we often find the latter. Many companies invest heavily into customization and ensuring the project crosses the finish line of deployment and release but the solution itself collect dust on digital bookshelves in companies around the world.

It’s important to treat the release of SharePoint’s Modern user interface as a custom release. Below are my 3 simple strategies that are based on a lifetime of trial, error, and lessons learned with auditing, deploying, troubleshooting, and managing SharePoint releases.

Turn on Early Release for SharePoint Champions

Early Release enables organizations to be early adopters of new features released by Microsoft direct to your Office 365 tenant. Being an organization that operates on the cutting edge presents some daunting challenges for adoption and change management.

My recommendation is to designate your SharePoint Champions within your organization. These are individuals who are passionate about the platform and up-to-date on industry changes, news, and events.

Early Release is configured within the Microsoft 365 admin center

Reference SharePoint Classic Mode in your training documentation

In many SharePoint deployments that I’ve audited, an alarming mindset that I’ve encountered is to operate as if Classic Mode has never existed. For many Information Workers, they have utilized or witnessed some form of Classic Mode from a previous version of SharePoint. By all means, utilize the new features, but have reference points to Classic Mode, especially when referencing list and library management.

Create a Sandbox with Modern Sites and Libraries

Create a test area within your organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant to get your Information Workers up to speed on the latest enhancements as there are numerous changes between Classic and Modern UI. Incorporate test labs into your sandbox to provide a consistent path of improvement and progress.

What is your favorite SharePoint adoption tip? Leave it below in the comments section.

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