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Glossophobia is the technical term for the fear of public speaking. Would you believe that it impacts up to 75% of the US population?

Submitting technical sessions to deliver before a technical audience provides an additional layer of anxiety. Technical demos that must actually work as designed, preparing slides, and being charasmatic or interesting enough to command an audience’s attention for 45-75 minutes is a daunting task.

As a Speaker, you fall into two main categories.

Category A: You have delivered a session and now you need to learn how to improve your delivery

Category B: You have a defined skillset and want to get started as a Speaker

Keep reading and I’ll share 3 simple strategies for you to improve your presentation quality.

Less Text. More Images

You have to assume that your audience has basic reading comprehension. Including paragraphs of bulleted text on a single slide is death-by-boredom for your audience.

1.)Include images that relate to the theme of the slide.

2.)Use high quality stock photos that are shared under a Creative Commons license.

How does including more images improve the quality of your presentations?

It compels your audience to follow along due to not knowing what to expect next. This improves your engagement and connection with your audience.

Record your Technical Demo

Live presentations have one firm rule. If it can go wrong, it probably will. Even after delivering 1,000+ presentations, there are still things that don’t go as planned. In fact, my experience hasn’t reduced the things that can go wrong, it only prepared me to be cool under pressure and stay on course to deliver a valuable session. Recording your technical demo is an excellent way to enhance the quality of your next presentation. Below are a few reasons why this enhances your overall speaking experience.

  1. It completely eliminates the anxiety of prepping for the demo to be delivered before a live audience.
  2. You can enhance the engagement of your session by pausing the demo video and narrating key portions of it.
  3. You can upload the video to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or SlideShare for increased engagement after the presentation is complete.

Improving the quality of your technical sessions is a journey that every Speaker is on. Utilize these strategies to deliver value to your audience.

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