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Freelancers, Contractors, and full-time Employees are in the business of applying for new opportunities. Many Freelancers may apply for new positions 15-20 times per year.

Here are a few hacks that you won’t find everywhere but from my experience of helping thousands of professionals land better jobs with higher way, these are proven to work.

1.) Case Studies

For every high profile position that you’ve listed on your resume, create a case study. What should be included within a case study?

  • Project description
  • Budget for the project
  • Tools and methodology utilized
  • Money saved or revenue generated
  • Big picture result

Link the Case Study beneath the title and job description within your resume and have it launch as a .pdf from OneDrive or Dropbox.

2.) Your SlideShare profile

What is SlideShare? SlideShare enables content creators the ability to upload presentations and documents to a professional audience. SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn. As an authority builder, SlideShare enables a direct path to gain huge validation in terms of likes and shares from your peers within your industry.

This demonstrates social proof from a professional standpoint. The Hiring Manager will quickly determine that your skillset has been vetted by the industry and that your services are in demand. This comes in handy when negotiating salaries.

Resumes are multimedia landing pages in today’s digitally aware society. Utilize the strategies shared within this article to increase the amount of callbacks, interviews, and successful projects landed.

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