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Meet Shadeed Eleazer

My Mission

I believe that Entrepreneurship is the remedy to empower broken adults that live in underserved environments to take ownership of their communities.

It is my mission to empower 5,000,000 men and women to package their knowledge, skills, and abilities into building their own platforms that enable them to be available for the people and moments that matter.

Through my work with my partners, I will provide a new educational option that will empower children with the tools of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, self defense, and communication to lead a new generation of next-level leaders and action takers.

What Problems Do I Solve?

Content Licensing

Curriculum Design

Sales Funnel Design

Business Process Automation

Business Website Design

Office 365 Architecture/Design/Adoption

Online Launch Management

LinkedIn Training


What An Exciting Day Looks Like for Me:

Advising organizations on business development, technology integration, and developing processes that save time and increase revenue for organizations ranging from private sector firms to Federal agencies.
Mentoring aspiring and current business owners on the startup and launch phases of business growth via my work with SCORE.org
Interviewing business and thought leaders via my multimedia platform Conversational Currency.

Since 2014, I have launched 74 public facing websites ranging from agencies such as Pennsylvania’s Department of Aging to official state websites.
I served as Technical Leader and Architect of the largest Plumtree to Microsoft SharePoint migration in the history of both platforms.

What Qualities Set You Apart from Your Peers?

1.) I possess unparalleled insight and depth into the Mid-Atlantic region’s business trends, resources, and historical patterns in the areas of collaboration software and Microsoft technologies as a result of hosting 13 consecutive years of Maryland’s longest running Microsoft focused community institution which featured included guest experts, business and technical enthusiasts, and support from over 300 small businesses, including 25 Microsoft Gold partners.

2.) Proven Track record of High Profile, High Visibility Assignments
I am the only individual to architect the official state website where I live (maryland.gov) and the state/commonwealth in which I was born (pennsylvania.gov).


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