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The first ‘Code Camp’ for IT professionals was established this Friday, March 18th as Techstravaganza hosted professionals from Exchange, Powershell, Windows Phone 7, and SharePoint┬ácommunities at the Microsoft building in Manhattan.

The session I delivered was Real World Social Networking Adoption Strategies Leveraging SharePoint 2010.

Technical Demos

My session featured demos for the following concepts:

Wireframes Displayed

The session featured wireframe sketches of the following concepts:

The audience in attendance of my session were very saavy and asked questions which sparked great debates.


Deliverable to You

I am putting the final touches on a white paper that further outlines the concepts and demos that were featured in this presentation. Attendees of the session & members of this site get an advanced download link followed by the rest of the individuals who are looking to access this content.


I enjoyed Techstravaganza and I look forward to speaking at a future event.