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Media Requests

Let’s Discuss Ways I Can Contribute to Your Media Outlet

I enjoy helping to expand the variety of your content and success of your media outlet by appearing on your show.

I’ve completed over 300 appearances on radio and television.

Below are a few of the outlets that I’ve had the privilege of appearing on ranging from Expert Guest to recurring segments.

Radio One | SIRIUS XM | WXYC 89.3FM | WNSB Hot 91 |
WorldWide Radio | Fusebox Radio

Below are the methods that I can support the growth of your Broadcast, Print, or Indie Media Outlet.

Broadcast Media:
*Television Local, National Outlets
*Radio Delivery Types: College Radio, Terrestrial, Satellite
*Hosting (Hosting Types: Master of Ceremonies, Event Coverage

Print Media:
*Interview Delivery Types
*Print Newspaper: Expert Opinion (Delivery Types
*Websites: Feature Writeup, Interview

Independent Media
*Podcasts: Feature Interview, Panel Discussion, Expert Opinion
*Blogs: Delivery Types: Expert Opinion, Writeup)
*Videoblogs: Delivery Types: Feature Interview, Expert Opinion

Let’s discuss next steps to having me as a Contributor to your outlet by emailing