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Klout for Businesses and Brands on SIRIUS XM

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Shadeed Eleazer discusses KLOUT for Businesses and Brands on SIRIUS XM

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In this appearance on SIRIUS XM, I breakdown social influence tool Klout and its social impact on businesses and brands. In many ways, Klout will resemble the digital credit score for businesses looking to market their services online.

I’ve discussed Klout on other platforms but Mario’s knowledge of tech and great interview style makes this segment shine and is very informative for all business owners and personal brands.

This Digital Entertainment Report on SIRIUS XM segment features Shadeed Eleazer and Mario Armstrong discussing the benefits of Klout for brands and small businesses.

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Shadeed Eleazer
Shadeed Eleazer is on a mission to adopt 100 classrooms and modernize digital learning tools to solve Digital Illiteracy for over 3,000 Baltimore City public school students in the year 2016.
He is a full-time Entrepreneur known for architecting the official state websites of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
He provides Business and Technology expertise for thousands via his lectures, broadcasts, and content.