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Root Causes of Failure

Monday, June 15th, 2015

What event, “advice”, or circumstance convinced you that you could not achieve your goal?

Failure starts from a seed of adversity that was planted when hard times appeared within your journey.
Negative self-talk and doubt are what helps failure to take root within our minds and sap our energy
to achieve.

The idea that you can’t be, do, and have the outcomes that you expect from life is false, and something that you allowed yourself to believe over time.

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Identifying Roots of Failure

Use the image in this post to identify the reasons why you stopped going for what you want, and let’s pledge today to get back on the road to making success happen according to your definition.

Growth Exercise:

1.) Identify the one thing you’ve always aspired to achieve

2.) Identify why exactly you stopped or quit

3.) Write down the outcome that you want to accomplish

4.) Write down one action today that you can use to get start

5.) Commit to one action *today* in order to get started

Your life is a marathon and those who are trained for the long haul will reach the finish line.

As long as you’re alive, you’re always in the game!