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Simple Tips to Increase Automation in Your Business

Automation Strategies

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Automation is the art of enabling defined processes and system to complete the work of one or many individuals. Automation does not simply apply to business and entrepreneurial ventures. It is a tool for liberation, freedom, and the pursuit of life’s pleasures.

We are all given the same amount of time to work with each day. It is how we leverage our time that determines how far we go and how effective we become.

Below I’ve added 3 automation tips.

Automation Tips and Strategies
1.) Always write out the steps when completing *any* task that you complete more than once.
a.) Using software such as SnagIt or screen recording software such as Camstasia Studio will make this task easier
2.) Start each day by defining the most important tasks for the day *before* logging onto to view email

Q.) Why is this important?
A.) Defining the important increases focus and clarity.
3.) Group common and complimentary tasks together to increase productivity

Automation is my focus for this week. I will devote my time to developing strategies to liberate my time and be more effective through leverage via automation of my common tasks and processes

Wrapping Things Up

What are your thoughts on automation?

Do you have any strategies that help you do more and be more effective each day?

Leave your tips in the comments section.