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Seizing Opportunities Through Readiness


Friday, November 28th, 2014

In my encounters with champions and wildly successful people, preparation is the common denominator that fuels them all. Everyday is a quest to improve, to understand, to grow. Opportunities don’t come with timelines that agree with our schedule.

Your biggest moments in life will come when you have to rise to the occasion and deliver when you don’t have the right amount of prep time. It is the magic of the deadline.

Are you ready now for your biggest opportunity?

Are you ready now for your biggest opportunity?

How you practice is how you perform when it counts. The question is: how efficient are your practice habits?

What are you studying?
Are you staying in tune with the thought leaders of your industry. Are you up-to-date on the changes within your business. What are the latest trends and how do they impact you?


List the top 3 blogs in your industry.
List blogs that you have not read but have wanted to

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Who are you sparring with?
Steel sharpens steel. In order to be prepared, you must continuosly match your wits with peers with equal or greater ambition. Being the smartest person in the room, means you need to locate another room with more ambition. You must connect to masterminds, community groups, or local meetup events to stay connected with people and ideas that matter most. Your growth will be accelerated as a result.


List the top 5 community groups in your area
Commit to attending one event during this month

What solo drills are you performing?

Time spent working on your craft outside of the office or workplace is the key factor in excellence vs. average output. It is vital that you ‘take your work home’ in terms of interesting things that you want to learn more about. Greatness sustained over a period of time requires falling in love with practice.

If you don’t have the time, today I want you to make the time. The best version of you requires that you prepare each day for the opportunities that will arise.


Photo/Meme credit: Motivation Mafia