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The Power of Reframing Negative Events


Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Download the template used in this video  . The power of reframing has numerous practical benefits. Have you ever seen a picture in a frame and made the statement to yourself, if they had simply chosen a different frame, it would have made a huge difference for this picture?

The truth about life is that we choose the frame or the lens through which we experience life. In fact, we draw our power from the frames that we choose.

The reality for us all is that we are going to live until we die. While we are living, events are happening all the times, thousands of events every week.

The question is: What happens when something happens that is outside of our ideal results?

My mission and life’s calling gives me the opportunity to have close to 100 conversations every week. I hear lots of stories and whenever I listen to a story where the person can reframe, I always ask myself two questions:

How could this have happened differently?
What frame or feeling am I giving myself?

The next time you find yourself confused, frustrated, annoyed or whatever else you’re feeling, consider the frame you’re using to see, hear and experience things.

Consider it is one and only one frame. Take down the frame and replace it with a different one and see what you see.

Download the template that is referenced in this video.