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3 Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Careeer


Sunday, September 25th, 2016

In my upcoming September column for my Entrepreneur’s BluePrint column, published in Baltimore publication, The Woodlawn Villager, I discuss 3 Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Career.

Your personal brand is of utmost important in your day-to-day responsibilities on the job and it serves as a roadmap towards upward mobility to write your own ticket to the lifestyle that you deserve.

3 Personal Branding Tips to Boost Your Career

Your personal brand is of growing importance as our society becomes more accustomed to doing business and interacting online. In this article, I will share with you 3 key strategies to enjoy greater success in building your personal branding efforts. Maybe 2015 was good for your business, your career, or brand. Our goal is to make it great for the next year. It is also important that we determine the reasons behind your greatest success and your grandest failures.

Today, we live in a world where there is tremendous amount of competition. The competition is for each and every position and vacancy, there are a number of people who are ready to apply and there can be only be one opportunity given to a position. The question for you is how do you stand out from your competitors?

Do you have a predictable set of steps to guarantee your success? It is important for you to create a personal brand to ensure that it’s difficult to neglect or reject. Following these strategies listed below will guide you along the path to greater achievement.

Buy Your Domain Name

Open up a new tab in your browser window and go register your domain name today. The cost of owning your web presence is to low and too important to bypass this critical step. Companies no longer hire resumes with fancy descriptions and fonts, they hire people. Owning your domain name allows you to have a professional appearance. Ownership also allows easy recall of your website.

It also allows you the power to have a professional email address such as instead of – Everytime that email is sent, it is providing impressions towards the recipient. Building your empire and thought leadership via social media is a short term strategy as social media is not owned by you. Social media platforms can come and go out of business at anytime. Ownership of your domain name insulates you from that reality.

Start Your Blog Today

Every organized movement needs a headquarters. The police that we see in our communities, have their own department. Every fire truck you see, belongs to a fire department. Your social media posts, your presentations, all need a home. That home is your blog.

You may be very good at creative writing. However, it is important to make people read your work. Thought leadership is the calling card of authorities and experts. I want you to picture your favorite expert or undisputed authority. Many, if not all of them have some sort of platform for publishing.           It is now the best time to get starting with leveraging technology to accentuate your skills and talents.            If people are not aware of your work, they will never be able to judge you. Start a blog for beginners within your target industry. Fortunately, starting your blog does not require you to spend much time. Moreover, it does not require you to spend a great deal of money. Once you start a blog, make sure you post your best work. For instance – you may be good writing about fashion. Make sure you post write-ups on different fashion tips or ideas.

A blog will help you in several ways. Start promoting your blog posts. Thankfully, we live in an age where social networking sites play a vital role in marketing our blog posts. They are a wonderful platform to promote your blog. Start spreading the word amongst your network, which includes friends and family. You can use blogs as an effective tool if you happen to be from fields other than writing as well. For instance – you may be a photographer. You can start a blog which not only has the pictures that you have clicked, but a small write-up about them. You can write the purpose of clicking a particular picture. You can also write about the experience of clicking it. Many travel photographers use their blogs effectively to create a travel catalog, which leads to new clients.

Attend more in-person Networking Events

The biggest misconception that can be made is that the online marketing, promotions, and personal brand building is enough to build a sustainable client or professional relationships for your Personal Brand. If you want to have a successful 2016 professionally, it is time for you to make attending more in-person networking events part of your overall strategy and practice. Yes, the more that you are social; the more opportunities you have in meeting the right people. There are a number of great networking events in your industry complete with discussion forums happening all over the world. There are exhibitions and get-togethers that take place. People from a particular field of work gather at such events. It is important to be a part of such occasions. Striking up a conversation will certainly help. You can use such events to make more contacts. People who attend more in-person networking events have a better chance of hooking onto a fantastic job, career, and freelance opportunities to strengthen your personal brand. This is due to the fact that there is a deeper connection with the face-to-face interaction.

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