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Why You Must Build Your Personal Brand Today

The Time to Build a Personal Brand is Now

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

The biggest question that I receive in my work with senior employees who want to escape the rat race is:

Why is a personal brand so important?

Personal Brands are important due to the boundaries of personal and work life become blurred due to technology and social media becoming a central point of interaction. Due to technology replacing jobs that skilled workers used to perform, there is now fierce competition for the limited positions that currently exist.

Studies have revealed that over 70% of Recruiters and Hiring Managers perform Google searches for your name and social media presence before an interview is offered in corporate America.

In order to take control of how you are presented, a unified strategy must be employed. This strategy will be the foundation that will lead you to a career as an Entrepreneur.

That strategy is known as your Personal Brand.

Can you start building my Personal Brand as an employee? The answer is yes!

I encourage you to start today and take action of building your brand as an employee so that you may transition successfully into full-time Entrepreneurship with the contacts and industry experience that you’ve leveraged from your current career.

Importance of Establishing Your Personal Brand Today Even if you’re Employed

1.) Remain Afloat In a Difficult Economy

The importance of branding needs to be understood by employees no matter your business, position and age. My experience has revealed to me that Personal Branding provides you with more job security than any employer is willing to provide you.

The economy is very difficult to navigate with layoffs and competition and the most proactive strategy to remain afloat is to start building your brand today. The positive aspect of starting your brand today is that if you are laid off, your knowledge and Intellectual Property transfer with you and establishes you as a suitable candidate for your next position or places you in the driver seat to start freelancing for your personal benefit.


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