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What is Operation Christmas for the Homeless?


Friday, January 6th, 2017

What is Operation Christmas for the Homeless?

Operation Christmas for the Homeless is my effort to provide a hot breakfast and toiletry items for the good men and women of greater Baltimore (city and county) that happen to be on the street during this time.

How it Works
In order to reach more people on a grander scale, I have created 2 tiers of donations ($5.00 and $15.00) that you can utilize to participate. In exchange for your donation, I will answer ALL of your questions for your New Year’s strategy, business ideas, health, wellness, BJJ, Judo, positive mindset, you name it!

How You May Get Involved
Click the link and donate and let’s give the gift of a decent meal and necessary items for Christmas morning.

View the Live Q&A:

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