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Exclusive Interview with Nicole Holland

nicole holland of business building rockstar show

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Exclusive Interview with Nicole Holland of Business Building Rockstar Show

In my effort to deliver you the best business value via tools and strategies, my interview with Nicole Holland is sure to deliver a valuable perspective to help you along your path as an aspiring or current business owner.

Who is Nicole Holland?
Nicole is the Canada based host of the highly regarded podcast The Business Building Rockstars Show.

Since the launch of her platform, she has interviewed over 220 high-achievers and detailed the process into a specialty of how to transform listeners into business leads.

Her relationship building strategies and value delivered to entrepreneurs resulted in her being named as one of “The 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017” by The Huffington Post.

She serves high-performance CEOs, authors, and subject matter experts who have the desire to spread their message and increase your brand recognition leveraging the art of podcasting and interview strategies.

She founded the Business Building Rockstar Summit 3 years ago which has featured expert interviews with over 100 experts.

Click the image below to watch the video interview featuring Nicole Holland.



Why Does Nicole Holland’s Platform and Story Resonate with Me?

Nicole’s story and background come from a place of authenticity and resilience. She started a business over 10 years ago and returned to the corporate world. That driving voice within her compelled her to return to entrepreneurship and following her dreams. She left her position in Corrections and started building her business.

After consulting many experts who told her what she “should be doing”, she decided to follow her own voice which resulted in her greatest breakthrough success, which is a quality that I respect.

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