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Natural Rhythms for Peak Performance


Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

What changes in the human body would occur if the average person exposed themselves to natural sounds over a 30 day period of time? Indigenous people from various cultures have believed that music accompanied by rhythm and drumming is a pathway to healing and wellness. In African drum systems and circles of thought, there is a relationship that exists between the heart and the drum. African, Indian and shamanic cultures employed “polyrhythms” with a divine purpose, which involved utilizing vibration and frequency to heal wounds (physical and psychological) and also to treat illness. Drums were leveraged to knit communities together, integrated them deeper into their environments, and allowed groups to communicate across long distances. Your morning routine should contain a connection to natural sounds and rhythms. How do you spend your mornings? What are you exposing your mind, body, and spirit to, before you enter into the world? #morningroutines

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