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Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs


Saturday, November 11th, 2017

I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to discuss entrepreneurship with a class of middle school students at a charter school in Baltimore city. I listened to every student pitch their business ideas, discuss their competitors, and their vision.

When each student pitched their vision, I made sure every student put away phones and focused on the person speaking in order to hammer home the power of ideas.

I provided each student custom advice and strategy, including a trick that singers and public speakers use to make their voice powerful when pitching their ideas.

Each child had a business plan. I was so pleased with this!!
Today was very rewarding.


About City Neighbors Charter School
City Neighbors Charter School is a K-8 charter in Baltimore City. I teach a regular set of classes (Humanities, Literacy, and math), but I also get to teach an elective Entrepreneurship class. I would love to have another speaker, or we could arrange a field trip somewhere, as it’s a small class, if you think that would be beneficial.

About the Class

The class is of mixed ages, but all middle schoolers, who elected to be in the class. They each have a business idea and have been developing their business plans.

Business Ideas

The companies they have come up with are fun and varied as well:

* a high-end shoe reselling company
* a pancake-printer themed restaurant
* a dinner and dancing enterprise
* a baseball bat manufacturer


Business Processes Completed
*crafting the overall idea
*budgeting (including costs and fundraising)