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January 100 Classrooms Campaign Focus

100 Classrooms Initiative

Friday, January 6th, 2017

In our effort to ensure that children have access to quality learning
materials in 2017, we turn our attention to Violetville Elementary
School 226, located in Baltimore, Maryland.



About Ms. Cooper and Her Students:
I teach in a school in Baltimore City. The school is in a high poverty
area and unfortunately my kids and my school do not have access to a lot of materials to enrich learning.

My students are hard working and resilient despite the neighborhood they are from. My kids work hard every day to work towards bettering their education. They deserve the best and I want to give them the best. I am a first year teacher, and I have already put so much of my own money into this classroom and my students. I want to give them everything they need to make sure they succeed in third grade.

The Mission
Having the Kindle Fires will allow for different structures of learning in my classroom. One way they will be used is as a STEM center. I could download apps for various math practice skills for a math center, which would allow me to have activities for both my highest performing and most struggling students. Also, my students will have access to I-Ready in the classroom which will help them become better readers and writers.

My project will make a difference because these students are the digital natives.
Our classrooms are not yet at the level technologically to meet their
needs as learners. This grant will help to close that gap just a little
bit more.


Please stay tuned for our initiative to support this classroom in the
month of January.

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