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The Hidden Value of Competition

The Value of Competition

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

The Value of Competition

If there is one character development vehicle that I can point to that has helped me experience the greatest amount of growth, I would list competition at the top of my list.

I can attribute the way I handle pressure, decision making, and working well with others in team scenarios to years of competition.

Competition has shaped who I am from an early age

Competition has shaped who I am from an early age

Why is Competition Valuable?

In order to reach the highest levels of operation for your business, brand, and lifestyle, you need to consider the value of competition. Being tested under situations that you do not control or create enables you to react with creativity based on the preparation you’ve undergone to reach that point.

Competition provides feedback that is difficult to obtain in other settings.

View my Tweets and a few responses about the Value of Competition below:

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It is commonly assumed that self-made, self-driven, and/or self-directed people use internal motivation to rev themselves up. They are often extremely driven by external stimulus and being tested by the unknown in their given fields of choice.

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Brandon @SPMan07 offered an excellent point. Fear of failure is a huge reason why direct competition is avoided by many people. I offer that competition should be viewed as a learning tool.

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Greg @justcallme98 offered that the challenge isn’t starting on the ideas and projects that would build a lasting legacy, but finding the strength to complete them. I quoted a great mentor of my past who would focus on getting his ideas expressed, instead of spending unnecessary time refining them. This approach was wildly successful for him.

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In adulthood, I still actively challenge myself via competition.

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What drives you today? What activities do you fear and want to continue to embark upon in order to reach your personal definition of success?

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