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How to Identify and Overcome Toxic Business Personalities

How to Identify and Overcome Toxic Business Personalities

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

How to Identify and Overcome Toxic Business Personalities.
What you will Learn: 

What problems does this article solve? 

Toxic personalities are a common aspect of dealing with people. Despite our best efforts to be fair and balanced,
any business owner will encounter individuals who see the world differently.

Identifying toxic personalities is an important life skill subject for business owners who work with the public or are client facing within your business.

Below are the characteristics of a toxic personality:
Your energy changes when their name is mentioned
You feel drained after being in their presence
You can feel the temperature of the room change whenever they arrive
Your peers each have an unpleasant story about him or her
They influence your negative behaviors
You find yourself constantly saving them or fixing their problems
You are making excuses for their behavior to other colleagues
Are you aware of the actions of a toxic personality?
1.) They speak negatively of others. Everyone seems to be against them, even people who are beloved by your industry.
2.) Competitive from an unhealthy standpoint
Dealing with them feels like a secret competition that you weren’t told about.
This can manifest in them one-upping your stories constantly.
3.) Can Shift an Entire Conversation into a Monologue about their life
Everyone listening to the sound of my voice has encountered a toxic personality in their career.
You deserve to have wonderful colleagues who support your growth.
Life is far too short to spend time with people who don’t actively cultivate the best version of yourself.
Let’s cover the toxic personality types to avoid in business
1.) The Black Hole of Time and Priorities
This personality type isn’t always malicious, but it is toxic because time spent with them is where your productivity goes to die. They lack the ability to cut things short. This is often because of low self-esteem. People with healthy self-esteem can say enough is enough.
2.) The Middle-Aged Fraternity Leader
This individual wants to go out every night, Tuesday night might as well be Saturday night. They seem to manage this lifestyle fine but you are completely set back by the additional shot and staying out past 10 pm.
3.) The World Gave Me a Raw Deal
Every setback is a conspiracy. Every business deal lost is the way it’s always been. They are dangerous because if you’re actually good friends, you start to go into rescue mode and save them.
4.) The Picture Adjuster
The Perfectionist Control Freak can only function when everything is within their control. You will end up biting your tongue to avoid an argument with this personality type.
5.) The Victim
This is the person why blames others for their failures or shortcomings and believes they weren’t afforded the same opportunities. Even worse? They never hold themselves accountable for their lack of success and always have excuses.
Being around this type of negative energy will only drag you down.
Protect your peace in your business.