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Grappler’s Corner: Double Wristlock

Technical Focus on The Double Wristlock

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

The Double Wristlock has so much potential for my grappling game overall.
I’m interested in its application as a takedown method and also a method of control.
Submissions are not my primary focus as a grappler. Being able to control opponents has value
in combat disciplines such as Judo and self defense scenarios.

I started paying more attention to the Kimura since I’ve been training with Matheus Gonzaga.
He is an armbar and Kimura machine. In focusing on the defense against these techniques,
I gained a greater appreciation for it.

YouTube Preview Image

Jason Scully and the Grapplers Guide provide great info on ‘hunting for the Kimura’.
What I like about the Double Wristlock is the versatility of the position.

YouTube Preview Image
I found it interesting that Nick Diaz has video content on a Kimura takedown.

I will be focused on getting the double wristlock from neutral standup position and
from half guard and full guard.