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It’s My Birthday (9 Gifts to Build Your Business)

Birthday Cake

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Today is my Birthday and I have been working behind the scenes to solidify a couple new partnerships
with entrepreneurs that have agreed to provide you with some great value over the next week.

Gift #1 - The 5 Day Business Visibility Challenge
One of the main challenges that my audience has shared with me is:
How do I gain exposure for my business?

I partnered with Alina Vincent, who is one of the top online businesswomen in the United States
and she is hosting a FREE 5 day challenge designed specifically to help you increase your business exposure!
I met Alina in Scotsdale, Arizona in early January, and we have been discussing partnership
opportunities. The stars have aligned and the month of July is the perfect time!


What Will You Learn During the Free 5 Day Business Visibility Challenge
 • You will discover the fastest techniques to become a recognized expert in your industry
 • You will learn how to create effective marketing materials
 • You will learn how to quickly boost credibility for your business and reputation online
 • You will work hands-on in an online community with other entrepreneurs to reduce overwhelm
Register for the free 5 day Business Visibility Challenge below:


Gift #2 - The Rock Your Business Giveaway
When: Monday, July 10th - July 15th

I'm excited about the wheeling and dealing I've done to orchestrate a giveaway with 7 other experts who will be sharing powerful gifts to help you boost your business.

Each of the gifts are normally priced from $197-$497, so for my birthday, they are not giving you plastic cups and plates, we're breaking out the fine china to help you build your business.

Rock Your Business Giveaway Overview
Learn from full-time entrepreneurs who transitioned from jobs they hate into businesses that they love.
These experts have worked hard to create these powerful gifts for you to help you Rock Your Business!
 • Money
 • Mindset
 • Marketing
 • Relationships
 • Results
The gifts will range from video training, custom business assessments, templates, guides, and more!


Business Visibility FREE 5 Day Challenge - Register Now

Rock Your Business Giveaway- 8 Business Gifts - Available via your Inbox on July 10th (Monday)

Birthdays are a time of immense gratitude and life reflection for me. I'm going to use this next year
to do so much more in support of "the bigger picture". My family, my community, the world.
I thank you for the part that you've played in my growth and development. No matter how small or large,
it all matters.