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Finding Mentors and The Perils of Leaning on Your Own Understanding


Monday, March 6th, 2017

Leaning on your own understanding is the fastest way to frustration, overwhelm, and operating below your potential.  Finding qualified mentors is the fastest method to overcome this challenge that many leaders face.

I’ll be the first to tell you that talent can bring you a long way but success on a larger and predictable scale is largely determined by the strength of your network and your ability to implement the knowledge you receive from interacting with your network.

If you find that you are consistently “all by yourself” in building your ideas into winners, there are two areas that you need to re-visit:

#1.) – Clarity of your Mission: If nobody is willing to “follow you” or “support you”, it’s because you haven’t convinced yourself of what you are here on Earth to accomplish.

#2.) – Are you Humble enough to accept direction?: It takes a special mindset to admit that they do not have “all the answers”. I have conversations with so many people with great ideas who insist on being the center of their business. This stems from a lack of process and a lack of trust. Identify areas where you are leaning on your understanding and fix it right away. Your success in 2017 hinges upon it.

If there was one quote that I seen throughout the years that sums up the importance of mentors is “smart people surround themselves with smart people.”


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