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25 Ways to Show Gratitude

25 Ways to Show Gratitude

Friday, April 21st, 2017

How are you displaying gratitude each day?

This list is designed  to boost your awareness of the power of gratitude and multiple ways that is apparent in your business dealings and life’s moments. Keeping an active awareness of these 25 ways will help your presence within the moments and enable you the skillset to develop deeper connections and interpersonal skills.

1. Go out of your way to thank and honor those individuals who paved the way for you.

2. Practice active listening within a conversation

3. Take time away from the office and spend quality time with the people who matter the most

4. Give thoughtful gifts that demonstrate attention to detail.

5. Share a specific example of something thoughtful that they did for you. Be sure to express how it made you feel and its impact on your life.

6. Provide positive encouragement during the time that your peers are not feeling their best

7. Take the initiative to display kindness and respect

8. Cut your cell phone off when having face to face contact

9. Deliver a genuine compliment on a skill or strhenth that you’ve always admired

10. Resist the urge to tell people you disagree with that they are wrong

11. Give thanks for discussiosn that open your mind to new perspectives

12 Admire and praise the self-belief and confidence of your peers.

13. Give people your full intention. Never listen just to wait for your turn to speak

14. Hold your peers accountable for being the best that they can be

15. Thank the people who matter for being an active and committed part of your life

16. Introduce your peers to people who will help them grow

17. Dedicate a blog post to your peers and partners

18. Tip larger than usual when out dining with peers.

19. Take the initiative to pay the entire tab when dining with friends.

20. Exhibit a degree of patience in all situations

21. Deliver value in all human exchanges and interactions

22. If you’re hosting an event, thank the audience for attending

23. Let your employees know that they are a valued asset to the growth of the company

24. When receiving compliments, thank them.

25. Give yourself the ability to make mistakes

26. Continue a positive mindset even in the face of negativity

What additional ways do you display gratitude in your business and personal dealings?

Leave your cutting edge strategies in the comments.

Shadeed’s Recommended Reading

Sharpen your gratitude attitude by studying the following recommended books.

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Gratitude by Oliver Sacks 

The Gratitude Diaries: How a Year Looking on the Bright Side Can Transform Your Life by Janice Kaplan