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Bikram Yoga for Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


Bikram Yoga is the Cure for the Entrepreneur

Bikram Yoga is the best mental and physical exercise that I’ve found to date.

I’ve been an All-State athlete, member of the United States military, and

completed a marathon but Bikram or Hot Yoga is a bit more intense and

provides a 100% full-body workout.

As an Entrepreneur, hours are long and each day provides new challenges.

I’ve found that Bikram Yoga is a go-to place for me to unwind mentally and  more or less refresh and provide new perspective on current and future scenarios.

Have you tried Bikram Yoga? If so, what was your feedback? Leave your comments on your favorite gym, favorite pose, etc.


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Shadeed Eleazer
Shadeed Eleazer is on a mission to adopt 100 classrooms and modernize digital learning tools to solve Digital Illiteracy for over 3,000 Baltimore City public school students in the year 2016.
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