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Artist Quickstart Guide Training Course

How do artists build a successful brand on their own terms?

What separates artists who record one hit single and fade away from those who last for decades in the music industry?

Unsigned artists seeking to understand the new entertainment industry now have a new resource build a successful online brand.

The Artist’s Quickstart Guide to Building a Brand Online will get any serious independent music artist on the path to building a successful brand on their own terms:

The e-book covers the following sections:

Developing the Independent Mindset

What is a Personal Brand?

The Benefits of Ownership (Being in Business for Yourself)

What is Sponsorship?

Why it is Important to Invest in Your Brand or Talent

Website Ownership for Personal Brands and more!

This e-book provides numerous “Gameplan” sections that force the reader to think about the material and relate it to his or her situation. Completing these exercises will ensure that they are ready to take their brand to the next level.

Independent musicians seeking a guide to understanding the world of online marketing for indie artists will find this guide to be quite helpful in navigating this subject.

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