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I am going to share with you simple strategies to increase your focus on your customer.

The first step with increasing your focus on your customers is to create 4 different categories for this particular aspect of your business.

People who are Lifetime customers, which I define as people who buy again and again

I’m going to provide you some basic solutions to address each segment.

People who are discovering your service need to be presented with a opt-in bribe or lead magnet.
Examples of lead magnets are a checklist, a special report, or a 5-7 minute video that clearly solves a business need that your ideal customer is faced with.
Your opt-in bribe can be presented to visitors to your website and via social media.

People who are aware of your existence but have not bought are best motivated to become buyers through a nurture campaign, bundled sales.
A nurture campaign is an ongoing communication with the sole purpose of increasing the know, like, and trust factor within your warm prospects.
A bundled sale is most effectively when you combine complimentary services into an attractive sale.
If I was a auto repair shop, my bundled service would be offering you 25% off servicing which would include oil change, tire rotation, and windshield wiper replacement.

People who have bought your product would benefit from a unique follow up campaign via email.
It is important to address your customers with a unique name such as VIP or Elite. I would recommend that you send emails at a minimum of once per week.

At the point of sale, for future reference, introducing an upsell. Studies show that upsells will boost your sale when presented at the point of purchase.
Examples of upsells include mp3 versions of a online video course, an additional year of support and/or maintenance

People who are customers who have not bought a wrap around service would benefit from lifetime discounts on products and services that are offered through a private email autoresponder campaign.

People who are Lifetime customer benefit from advanced tickets and notification to live events, an online community that they can join and stickers, decals, and banners that allow them to proudly represent your brand.