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What changes in the human body would occur if the average person exposed themselves to natural sounds over a 30 day period of time? Indigenous people from various cultures have believed that music accompanied by rhythm and drumming is a pathway to healing and wellness. In African drum systems and circles of thought, there is a relationship that exists between the heart and the drum. African, Indian and shamanic cultures employed “polyrhythms” with a divine purpose, which involved utilizing vibration and frequency to heal wounds (physical and psychological) and also to treat illness. Drums were leveraged to knit communities together, integrated them deeper into their environments, and allowed groups to communicate across long distances. Your morning routine should contain a connection to natural sounds and rhythms. How do you spend your mornings? What are you exposing your mind, body, and spirit to, before you enter into the world? #morningroutines

I will be going live discuss Part TWO of my Three Part Series on Social Media: Popularity vs. Profitability. I encourage you to: bring your questions as this is your opportunity to get your pressing questions answered. If you missed Part 1 of three – hit the link here —>

You may be Popular at this social media stuff, but are you Profitable? In part 1 of this 3 part series, I will briefly outline why your social media for business promotional efforts are resulting in plenty of frustration, overwhelm, and wasted time.
If you watch until the end, you will learn the 1 technique that I use that creates a ripple effect of positive feedback from my audience of rockstars and go-getters.

Happy Birthday to Coach Gary Moore . In this video, I share my top 3 reasons why Coach Moore was able to build a powerhouse program despite having limited resources and a challenge of building a winning culture. For many of you viewing this video who are unfamiliar with Coach Moore and the Hall of Fame legacy of the Hillhouse Men’s and Women’s Track and Field program, it is one of my chief reasons why I am the businessman, leader, martial artist, and Man that I am today. It is your responsibility to pay homage whenever greatness makes a mark upon your path of progression. This video is my humble attempt.

What is Operation Christmas for the Homeless?

Live Q&A in support of “Operation Christmas for the Homeless” which is my effort to provide a hot breakfast and toiletry items for the good men and women of greater Baltimore (city and county) that happen to be on the street during this time. In order to reach more people on a grander scale, I have created 2 tiers of donations ($5.00 and $15.00) that you can utilize to participate. In exchange for your donation, I will answer ALL of your questions for your New Year’s strategy, business ideas, health, wellness, BJJ, Judo, positive mindset, you name it! Click the link and donate and let’s give the gift of a decent meal and necessary items for Christmas morning.