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Developing Winner’s Energy and The Art of Positive Momentum.

A winner is defined as a person or thing that is victorious in a contest or endeavor. All people who compete in a given activity seek to win. It is an extension of effort and the willingness to deliver our best outcome.

Winners often leverage the energy from smaller moments that they craftily snowball into bigger moments, events, and performances.
They are able to set the bar higher than their peers because they are climbing on the shoulders of past achievements in order to get there.

Bulletin Board Material

In team sports such as football, soccer, hockey, and rugby, you will often see coaches motivate their teams by using comments delivered via the media from opposing teams as a rallying cry. This is known as bulletin board material.
What you will be primarily engaged in while developing and maintaining winner’s energy, is the act of rallying behind events in your own life, and developing billboard material to motivate yourself to greater heights.

Below I’ve listed a few methods that I personally use to develop Winner’s Energy

How to Develop Your Own Positive Momentum
*Take inventory of moments where you felt great.
*Write down your 5 best qualities
(Examples of writing down your 5 best qualities)
1.) I am most comfortable when speaking in front of an audience
2.) I am calm and action-oriented during high pressure, panic-filled scenarios
3.) I am respectful of the time, energy, and effort that my friends add to my life
4.) I take my health seriously. It is a high priority for me
5.) I am a hard worker with clear goals on how to succeed within my career
*Organize your moments in a regularly referenced location to draw inspiration from. I personally use Vision boards combined with a notebook that I read through at least 3 times per week.

Developing Winners Energy

What if I don’t have much positive momentum?
My belief is that we all have had moments in our life that serve as the catalyst for positive momentum.
The difference between winners and losers is that winners understand the importance of harvesting those moments
and transitioning it into energy or momentum which serves as the fuel for even bigger accomplishments.

1.) Select the moments where the ball didn’t bounce your way in terms of outcome
2.) Write down the ideal outcome for that losing scenario
3.) Build your momentum based on ideal outcomes

Every champion or high achiever uses a form of this method. It is my intention that this post will help you to identify with the key ingredient for success so that you may be, do, and have more for yourself and your loved ones.

What are your thoughts and methods on building up positive momentum in your personal life?
Leave your comments.

2 Year Anniversary of Yoga

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of making the decision to practice Yoga.
I’ve come to the conclusion that Yoga represents the greatest combined mind and body experience that I’ve come across in all my years of living. Practicing Yoga is a key form of wellness and prevention, mental clarity and focus, and stress relief.

What Yoga Meant in the Beginning

I was under a great deal of stress and anxiety stemming from my decision to depart from the traditional 9-5 paradigm and make a living from my ideas. I had issues with extreme worry about worst-case scenarios that never actually materialized, but were quite real in my mind. I started with meditating but could not ‘quiet my mind’ enough to quiet those voices of self-doubt. I decided to give Yoga a try after much research and deliberation.

Hot Yoga

What Yoga Means Today
Yoga has come to represent a very important ritual in my quest for greater understanding of mind and body. I have been involved in athletics all of my life. At this point, I am my most flexible in terms of range of motion, and I get more out of my body’s efficiency than ever before.
Yoga provides incredible prevention and recovery of injuries and allowed me to complete two full marathons this year without any major setbacks. I’ve been diving deeper into Isolation Tank Therapy and my ability to dive deeper into Float Therapy is directly related to my ability to ‘find my breath’ through consistent Yoga practice.

There are athletes who use Yoga to recover. I do not. Yoga is a life management tool that happens to benefit people who are involved in strenuous physical activity.

What is your experience with Yoga? Please share your thoughts, idea, and questions about Yoga in the comments. Let’s get the discussion going!