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This week, there were over half a million mentions of the word “cold” mentioned on Social Media due to the bone chilling tempatures experienced in many areas of the United States. As I opened my trunk to prepare for my trip to the office, I noticed that it was so cold that my case of sparkling water had exploded. The water that was contained in those cases had turned to ice in the trunk of my car.

The question is: If it is cold enough to freeze in the trunk of my car, what is happening to homeless men, women, and children who due to tough circumstances, are spending their evenings on the streets with inadequate supplies.

I immediately started to think of ways that I can make a difference at my own level, without waiting for funding, grants, and charity from others. Here’s what I’ve done in the past:

DC Coffee Hour
I used to do IT consulting in downtown Washington DC. The wind chill factor is unbelievable on the coldest days in winter. I would take my lunch breaks and buy 2 dozen cups of coffee and walk the quadrant from Pennsylvania to Chinatown and make sure the Homeless men and women were good-to-go. During this time, I got to know many merchants and build relationships with the homeless adults in the area. Many of us are 1 layoff away from being in similar circumstances.

Making a Difference Group Thought
I’m looking for YOU to provide me with locations to shelters in your area that help the homeless during the cold weather months. I will Tweet, Facebook, and mention these locations in every audio podcast that I deliver throughout the winter.

Hats and Gloves Giveaway

I will be doing hats and gloves giveaway in the greater Baltimore area in locations that are known to have lots of homeless people living.

We must do more to take care of our communities and the people within them.

Leave any locations to shelters, food banks, and volunteer efforts that support the homeless in the comments section.