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What is Your October Focus?

October is here. The season is changing towards Fall for those of us in the US, and as the seasons change, how will you adjust? As the weather adjusts, it becomes more difficult to maintain your health and personal development goals. The snooze button is a welcome option as you continue to stay warm under your blanket.

Maintaining October focus throughout the month is paramount as we march towards the finish line to close out 2013.
Here are 3 tips to use October as a springboard to a bigger and better month and end of year.

1.) Re-evaluate your goals. You had objectives during the summer and spring seasons. Let’s get back to those goals.

2.) Add new challenge(s) to complete by December 31st, 2013. Short-term goals enable greater focus. Look to add a new challenge.

3.) Evaluate what went wrong. Troubleshoot it. Sometimes, all of our goals don’t meet the targeted expectation.
Let’s take a look at what could’ve been done better.

How will you maintain your October focus? I’m interested in your feedback. Please leave your comments and let’s get the discussion going.