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What Direction is the Game Going In As a Result of Kendrick Lamar’s Verse?

In this new premium audio download, Mr.Shadeed examines the complete impact of Kendrick Lamar’s verse from all relevant angles.

Supporters of this download will learn the complete breakdown of the entire story leading up to the record’s release,
The perceived Impact from a hype and marketing standpoint, and the actual impact from a sales and social media attention viewpoint,

The listener will be taken on a ride through hip hop history for key examples of artists who have had a similar impact. says:

What has happened is that there’s been a slew of responses by various rappers that Kendrick called out, and it has also cause a lot of controversy in the Hip Hop world.
Shadeed has also stepped up but in a different way, by recording a premium audio download where he talks about the Impact of Kendrick Lamar’s Verse on Control. He covers different topics about the verse, and makes some interesting points,
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What Is the Next Direction for Unsigned Artists to Take?

Unsigned artists on the come up, will be taught a step-by-step roadmap
on how to position yourself for success and the right type of exposure to benefit from this buzz being generated from this event in hip hop history.

What Topics are Covered in this Release?


Preview Chapter 5 of this release:

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About the Author

Mr.Shadeed is the Author of The Basics of Building Your Brand and co-author The Artist’s Quickstart Guide to Building a Brand Online. He has regularly appeared as a recurring guest on “The Digital Entertainment Report” on SIRIUS XM, WXYC 89.3 FM, and WNSB Hot 91. He is a frequent lecturer, and panelist.

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The Impact of Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Control, send an email to to coordinate a mutual time to discuss


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