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It’s one thing to work IN your business but the real breakthroughs come when you’re working ON your business or Personal Brand.

I’ve been working with Virtual Assistants for quite some time. In order to reach the thresholds I’m seeking, I’ve enlisted the services of a full-time Operations Manager within my Organization.

I will outline why I believe hiring a Virtual Assistant to manage the day-to-day challenges will improve your productivity as a Personal Brand and Small Business Owner.

Why Do You Need an Operations Manager?

I’ve found that across my multiple ventures and personal brand, there is a void in handing off tasks to a resource who understands the following:

How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Will Improve Your  Personal Brand?

  1. Freedom to pursue the important tasks that require your specialized knowledge
  2. Working with a Virtual Assistant will improve your leadership skills and business processes.

How Does This Impact Your Business or Personal Brand?

If we have business ventures, publishing projects, or you are a supporter of my published works, you will hear from my Ops Manager more and more as I remove myself from the equation in favor of efficiency and automation.


I’ve officially made the switch to a standing work environment while onsite with my clients. If you’ve considered a standing work environment, hopefully some of my feedback and experiences will guide you along the path.

Do you ever sit down?
Yes. During meetings and definitely during lunch. I’ve always treated lunches as something to do while working, checking emails etc.
Now I view lunch as a true break.

Do your feet hurt?
At first, yes they do. The very first day, I removed my dress shoes and worked standing with my socks on for the entire day.

Are you More Productive?
Yes! Since standing for long periods of time is generally uncomfortable, I am less likely to drift away from tasks during peak work hours. I quickly associated standing with working, so now my focus is razor sharp.

Standing Desk Essentials
Comfortable shoes
A soft gel mat (or memory foam)

Special thanks to and Ted Calhoon for inspiring this shift in office productivity.