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Waking up early is a conscious step in regaining your time and taking control of your 24 hours each day. It’s no surprise that the majority of successful people wake up earlier than the average person. View the video for the benefits of how waking early will supercharge your life and projects in 2013. Below are solid resources to help you get started.

Wake Up Early Resources

10 Advantages of Waking Up Early
Waking Up Early – Benefits and How To Guide
Morning routines of 10 successful people and why you should wake up earlier
23 Successful People Who Wake Up Really Early

How has your life changed since you started waking up earlier? I’d love to read your comments and learn your perspective on this subject – Shadeed

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This SharePoint Careers on demand video covers the need for a cover letter in today’s SharePoint job market.
I examine how demand for SharePoint talent has impacted the need for cover letter, specific scenarios where the cover is mandatory, and alternatives to cover letters in the social media and personal branding arenas.

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