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In this video segment that I’ve released on SharePoint Careers, I discuss my surefire strategies for improving your SharePoint resume in 2013.

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What Social Media platform should you use to expand your personal brand online? In this video, I debunk the popular opinion that you need a particular social media network in order to succeed. The key lies in your personal strengths and talent. This video provides that roadmap for personal brands and small business.

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Squeezing the Juice out of Each Day

How are you squeezing the juice out of each and every day?

We are all given 24 hours per day. How we spend that time determines what we will become and our life’s experience. In most cases,
we all aspire to live on a higher level but we fall short in a few key areas. Here are my 3 brief suggestions on getting more out of each day. If you want specific strategies, drop me a line on Twitter.

Wake Up Earlier – In order to do more, you’ll have to break out of your current routine. Our lives of seemingly never-ending tasks, work, and day-to-day responsibilities may leave us with the feeling that there isn’t enough time in the day. The answer to this dilemma is to create more time by waking up at least 2 hours earlier. In my case, its best for me to rise at 6:30am, so I started to wake up at 3am to work on my outstanding tasks, business administrative tasks, and content creation for each day. These hours are vital because there are minimal distractions. Waking up early is now a key part of my life’s strategy.

Examine the Fuel You’re Feeding Your Body – What are you feeding your body? Is it harmful or healthy? Is it sapping your strength and vitality or does it energize you? Your body is your biggest ally in helping you reach your goals. If you’re feeding it the wrong foods on a regular basis, you are turning your ally into your biggest adversary.

Prepare In Advance – I’m a big believer in pre-staging or preparing in 2 key phases: at the beginning of each week and during the evening prior to resting. Some common areas that I prep are: ironing clothes, preparing workout gear, packing lunch and snacks for the next day at the office, and reviewing the primary tasks for the week and each day (including weekends)

These are my 3 basic tips that have worked wonders for me. What works for you? Leave your comments below. Who knows? We may inspire each other to try new tips to reach new heights in 2013.

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The reason many people don’t achieve their goals is because they are spending valuable time during the day distracted by reacting to challenges from others in the form of work, tasks, and “emergencies” instead of focusing on following their intended gameplan.

There is much value for both Employees and Entrepreneurs to get into the habit of planning your day and living intentionally.

What does a successful day look like to you? Does this include exercise? Does this include waking up at a certain time? Updating your blog 1-2 per day?

Leave your comments on how you plan your days.


Bikram Yoga is the Cure for the Entrepreneur

Bikram Yoga is the best mental and physical exercise that I’ve found to date.

I’ve been an All-State athlete, member of the United States military, and

completed a marathon but Bikram or Hot Yoga is a bit more intense and

provides a 100% full-body workout.

As an Entrepreneur, hours are long and each day provides new challenges.

I’ve found that Bikram Yoga is a go-to place for me to unwind mentally and  more or less refresh and provide new perspective on current and future scenarios.

Have you tried Bikram Yoga? If so, what was your feedback? Leave your comments on your favorite gym, favorite pose, etc.