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SharePoint 2013 RTM is finally announced. I’ve provided a breakdown of the RTM release targeted for managers, SharePoint newbies, and End Users over at SharePoint Careers.

RTM Explained in Layman's Terms

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Amazon Introduces New Author Ranking has launched Author Rank, which I believe will be a great discovery tool for readers and a positive status indicator for Amazon self-publishers who use Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace as publishing platforms. Below are my answers to frequently asked questions that will help you get up to speed.

What is Author Rank?

Author Rank is’s listing of the best-selling authors based on sales on


What is the Value of Author Rank?

Amazon believes that it will make it easier for readers to discover the best-selling authors within the various genres of books on

How often is Author Rank Updated?

Author Rank is updated every hour.

Amazon Author Central Home Page

Amazon Author Central Provides Huge Benefits to Self-Publishers

I’m a Amazon Self-Publisher. Where do I find my Author Rank status?

Your Author Rank is listed under the Rank tab in your profile. You must create and maintain an Active profile to view your standing. Your historical rank is available starting back from 9/28/2012.

Who is the Number #1 author on Author Rank today?

That honor belongs to Sylvia Day.

Additional Resources

I have partnered with the Master-level Kindle Publisher who helped me advance my self-publishing on Kindle to new heights .

Take your Kindle self-publishing efforts to new heights by learning in-depth strategies via the free Kindle Publishing Master Course video.

Pingar Automates Extraction and Application of Metadata in SharePoint


One of the main areas that separates the SharePoint platform from being compared to a glorified network file share, is that when leveraged, it provides an enhanced path to implement a solid Information Architecture strategy for any given organization regardless or industry.

In the real-world, there are many common challenges that arise for SharePoint business users and implementers when the rubber meets the road as outlined below.

Metadata Management Pain Points

Enter New Zealand based company, Pingar. The startup is offering a Metadata Extractor that has the capability to extract and automate the application of metadata across multiple documents, thus making the management of metadata easier and twice as effective.

Benefits of Metadata Extractor

Where can I download Pingar?

Download Pingar here

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on Pingar?
What ways have you implemented Information Management in your environment?

Required Reading

Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture

Book Synopsis

Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture is a guide and tool set for planning and documenting the scope, navigational taxonomy, document taxonomy, metadata, page layouts and workflows for a successful SharePoint 2010 project. If you have been tasked with delivering an intranet for collaboration, document management or as a corporate portal, your only chance for success is to get all of these elements right, and then to make sure that you and your stakeholders are all on the same page.

by: Ruven Gotz

My iTunes catalog will include more titles soon

Amazon’s Kindle is the king of the hill for publishing. This is a fact of life for all self-publishers looking to capitalize off of the e-publishing revolution.

Part of my self-publishing strategy is to use my strength of speaking to produce content. Amazon has a subsidiary known as for its audiobooks, and my longer form content will soon find a home there.

I determined that iTunes would be an interesting approach to take simply for the fact that it allows me sell “chapters” as downloads for sale.

Musicians have long dealt with the slow dissection of the album into a collection of singles. Is the time now for the book industry to suffer the same fate?

Let me know via the comments what you think of the Books on iTunes approach.


Veterans Job Bill In Plain English on iTunes Product Page

Veterans Need to Learn About the Changes in the Vets Job Bill

My audio release (special report) targeted towards Veterans of the Armed forces has been distributed to iTunes.  I recommend purchasing the whole release but iTunes gives me the ability to offer you single chapters so that you may learn at your own pace.

To get the latest info on Military transition and Veteran Survival Strategies, subscribe to my Video channel for Transition 101.

Live on-air discussing Easy Branding Tips

Easy Personal Branding tips was the subject of this on-air interview conducted live on Hot 91.1 FM.

We discussed 3 Personal Branding tips, how I got started, and what was the first evidence that I knew that helping businesses and entrepreneurs establish their brand identity was an area I wanted pursue.

It was a great interview all-in-all. I thank Hot 91.1 for the opportunity.

View the full interview on my Go Digital You Tube Channel

Required Reading

One of the best books on Personal branding. Required Reading

Me 2.0

By: Dan Schwabel


Dan Schawbel’s powerful message about personal branding is essential for anyone seeking to achieve success in today’s difficult job market. Me 2.0 offers a proven plan for creating a strong and effective personal brand. By focusing on the 80 million members of “Generation Y,” Me 2.0 shows job seekers innovative ways to separate themselves from the competition and how to have jobs look for them by creating an impactful personal brand.

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