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The will to win means nothing if you haven’t the will to prepare.

This quote by NYC Marathon winner Juma Ikanhaa rings true in all aspects of achievement and goal-setting. As a leader within your organization, you must instill the will to prepare and maintaining a state of readiness for your troops at all times.

Your subordinates and junior/future leaders are watching the way that you prepare for each meeting, task, and major evolution. This is one of the primary metrics that people measure when defining the “gold standard” in any given endeavor.

How are you preparing your team for success?

Do you maintain a written professional development roadmap?

How do you utilize defeat and victory as effective teaching tools?


SharePoint Training Survey Results are In

This is a screenshot of a feedback report for SharePoint training for a very large government client that I have been delivering over the past few months. I’m happy to report that the approval rating for my training delivery is very pleasing and the attendees have reported great results.

The training delivery is a ‘comprehensive overview’ of the SharePoint 2010 platform, which has been extensively customized as a Contracts and Proposal Management System.

Each training session includes the following deliverables:

The great thing about the SharePoint Power User Take-Home Assessment is that many attendees have emailed me after the fact with the answers and requested that I grade the exam, which is proof positive that the information delivering is finding a home and there is an interest in the course material.