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Tom Resing and Shadeed Eleazer Talk SharePoint in New York City

In this video clip shot a few years ago, Dux Raymond Sy does a quick interview with SharePoint Community members Tom Resing and I. The question asked was in regards to our sessions at SharePoint Saturday New York, which was held in the Financial District in Manhattan that year.
Thinking back, it was also held on the weekend of 9/11, which is always a weekend when New York City comes together to remember and pay respect to those lost in the senseless tragedy.

This was also recorded right before Tom decided to embark on his quest to become a Microsoft Certified Master and its great to see that he achieved his goal. In fact, that was one of the things we were discussed when Dux arrived to do the interview.

Full Video Footage Here

Tom Resing on Twitter
Dux Raymond Sy on Twitter

Erica Toelle and Shadeed Eleazer Finally Meet At SPSDC

We Both Share A Love for Music and SharePoint

Seattle based SharePoint Business Architect and fellow music loverErica Toelle tweeted a throwback pic of the first time we met. It was suggested by Joel Oleson that we meet because we both like music so much.

Tweets Bring Back Memories :)

Erica isn’t just a fan of music, she’s the Educational Conference Co-Chair and Producer at Decibel Festival, which is a pretty large Electronic Music festival which will be held in late September 2012.
I recently had a chance to catch up with Erica as we were both guest speakers at The Experts Conference held in San Diego in late April.

Just thought it was cool and wanted to share with you guys.

About Erica Toelle:
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Screenshot of SharePoint End User Advocate Adam Levithan's blog "Collaboration Now".

SharePoint End User Advocate Adam Levithan Mentioned Me....Cool!

I came across SharePoint End User Adovocate Adam Levithan’s blog Collaboration Now and he referenced a presentation that I delivered at SharePoint Saturday The Conference called The Business Value of SharePoint Community: (Read the full session review by Bamboo Nation here)

Check out Adam’s blog. He recently was selected as a speaker at SharePoint Saturday Baltimore and is a well-informed professional in the nuances of the SharePoint platform.

Shadeed Eleazer discusses KLOUT for Businesses and Brands on SIRIUS XM

Select the image to view the Klout video on SIRIUS XM

In this appearance on SIRIUS XM, I breakdown social influence tool Klout and its social impact on businesses and brands. In many ways, Klout will resemble the digital credit score for businesses looking to market their services online.

I’ve discussed Klout on other platforms but Mario’s knowledge of tech and great interview style makes this segment shine and is very informative for all business owners and personal brands.

This Digital Entertainment Report on SIRIUS XM segment features Shadeed Eleazer and Mario Armstrong discussing the benefits of Klout for brands and small businesses.

View and subscribe to the entire playlist

The military fraternity is an affiliation that I take very seriously. Serving in the armed forces was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made over my lifetime and a relationship that continues to reward me. Even though, I’m transitioned from Active Duty, the relationship continues in my work with Veterans with my Military Transition 101 video series.

On this Memorial Day, I think about sacrifice, honor, and commitment of my fellow servicemembers and Veterans. Thanks to all who continue to make the journey worthwhile – Shadeed

Photo Credit: choiceamerican network

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My topics on the video channel include quality videos on the following topics:
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*Military Transition 101
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Player created by Inbound Now – Social Media Tools for Business.

Leaders and Trees: Judge Them By Their Results

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”

The chief characteristic of a healthy tree is determined by the quality of fruit it bears. Trees provide the adequate environment for growthy by sharing its collective resources to allow the seedling to nourish and grow until it is ripe.

Leaders operate in the same capacity. Your junior troops and subordinates need your guidance and experience to balance against their own trial and error to grow as future leaders.

How many people have credited you as an influence, role model, or positive example?
How many junior personnel have moved on from your tutelage but still return when times are rough to remind themselves of the fundamentals?
How many people have you given the recipe and they have gone on the surpass your results and accomplishments?

If you find that you are consistently “alone at the top”, then you may want to adjust how you relate and encourage your peers and subordinates.

Winners develop future winners. Champions instill a championship work ethic into all who come into contact with their example. What fruit does your leadership tree bare?

Written by Shadeed Eleazer

About Just a Thought

Just a Thought is a Thought Leadership Series written by Shadeed Eleazer. To have these thought leadership pieces expanded and delivered in keynote or presentation format for your organization, please email

Quote used in this article attributed to: Ralph Nadar

Select the image to view the latest Military Transition 101 segment

In the new Military Transition 101 video, I’m delivering some needed perspective on the dreaded transition regret that plagues many Armed Forces Veterans. In the segment, I provide 3 tips to adapt and overcome this feeling and move on to successfully transfer to a career as a productive civilian.

Networking in the SharePoint Community Should Not Be as Complex

Adding a human element to your networking efforts in the SharePoint Community provides many outstanding benefits including direct access to SharePoint jobs, improving your SharePoint knowledge network, and meeting genuinely passionate and caring people and developing great friendships.
In the article below I’ve provided 2 solid ways to improve your online-offline SharePoint community relationships.

Excerpt from 2 Ways to Network Better in the SharePoint Community Article

View the full article below:

2 Ways to Network Better in the SharePoint Community

Select the image to view Digital Entertainment Rpt on SIRIUS XM

This on-demand video is from one of my appearances on SIRIUS XM. The segment introduces the listeners of the Mario Armstrong Show to new web based application which offers numerous features for several sectors including emerging and established businesses and brands including authors, recording artists, small business owners and more. Select the image to view the on-demand video in its entirety.

What are your thoughts on this segment? Will you consider evaluating
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SharePoint Saturday Baltimore is wrapped up! Thank You to all Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees, and Supporters who helped us bring a quality SharePoint event to the heart of the Inner Harbor for the 3rd time.
There are numerous wins we can utilize from this event and also a few areas where we can improve to deliver an even better experience the next time around!

Real World SharePoint Social Governance session

The Experts Conference is a great annual experience for attendees and Speakers too. This year’s conference was held in San Diego right along the downtown harbor at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, which provided an outstanding backdrop to the intense learning that took place over a 3 day period.

Event Organizers, Chris McNulty and Michelle Fallon did an outstanding job of making the Speakers feel welcome, from offering a “Secret” suite for SharePoint Speakers, to numerous dinner and networking events outside of the conference itinerary, it was top notch from start to finish.

The SharePoint learning track is one of the newer tracks of the conference, which spans 11 long years of 400 level sessions, but it is quickly picking up steam.

In this post, I have provided my session slide “Real World SharePoint Social Governance”, which I hope you enjoy.

View here:
Real World SharePoint Social Governance