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You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.

This statement by Doug Floyd highlights the key aspect of successful team building: allowing individuals to contribute their unique strengths to for a strong unit. The shortcoming of many teams with potential and promise is attempting to model that given unit after previous teams that have had success.

Adopting to a cookie cutter approach to team building only stagnates the team from reaching its true potential and ignores the strengths of your unit altogether.

How are you identifying your team’s strengths? What methods are you utilizing to capture individual expression with your team?

Just a Thought is a Thought Leadership Series written by Shadeed Eleazer. To request these thought leadership pieces to be expanded and delivered in keynote or presentation format for your organization, please email

Lori Gowin was the Featured Speaker for Baltimore SharePoint User Group‘s March meetup.
Her subject was Content Types in SharePoint 2010. There was a packed house for this event, which included BSPUG’s own Eric H’s newborn baby, who I must say, has had perfect attendance since arriving into the world.

Lori’s session went beyond the standard definition of Content Types being a “collection of reusable settings” and guided the audience along a mix of demo and explanation of real-world samples and best practices.
I thought it was especially helpful to reference the Planning of Content Types and provide the Microsoft Content Types Planning Worksheet.

Content Type Considerations

**To fully grasp the power of Content Types through demos and other examples, course delivery must be prepared in extended session formats of workshops, hands-on labs, or half day session.
** I’ve come to find Content Types to be a subject where there is a literally a “Light Bulb Just Came On” moment when audiences realize that they’ve been using Content Types in lists and libraries all along and now see how they can extend this capability using custom Content Types and enforcing metadata.
**Content Types such as Document Sets can have an impact on Site architecture and provisioning if properly leveraged. How many Admins have provisioned sites for Departments due to a “need to collaborate on documents?” Leveraging Document Sets, this capability is provided and unique permissions, workflows, and Content Organizer rules can be configured to route to destination libraries for archiving.
What are Document Sets? (Reference)
**PowerShell can be leveraged to script and deploy entire SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture requirements via content types (view reference) or can be written in C# using the SPContentType class

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Deliver 3 Day SharePoint 2010 Site Owner course for large Federal government. Site Owners are defined as employees and contractors with day-to-day management tasks on the SharePoint 2010 platform who have been authorized in writing to take ownership of sites by Department Managers.

Contractors, Government Employees, and Military Senior enlisted personnel
8:30am – 4:30pm

Key Considerations
SharePoint environment has planned to provision PowerPivot, PerformancePoint, and Managed Metadata Service, and Content Type Hub during Phase 2 of the scheduled rollout.
These features and services have not been provisioned and configured in Hands-On labs provided by the IT Department, so I must find a way to provide adequate instruction for services that End Users have not experienced.

Using the SharePoint Student Introduction technique, I was quickly able to guage the level of technical proficiency and SharePoint experience of the group. Leveraging this information, I was able to create 7 custom tests and 10 custom scenarios.

I introduced Requirements based scenarios to the training delivery that required open ended answers and a justification for configuring sites, lists, and libraries for each student. My action item is to revamp these examples into my Learning Repository that I will release.

Develop Quick Reference Guide brochure to support large Washington, DC based Federal organization with post-migration to SharePoint 2010 Enterprise platform.


Utilize Microsoft Publisher 2007 application to modify template.

Challenges and Considerations

SharePoint 2010 offers the most feature enhancements of any SharePoint release past or present. What features should be included? What features should be excluded? The brochure format provides limitations in that I must select the most important features to provide step-by-step guidance in delivery.

What features would you include if presented with this requirement? Leave your comments.

TEC 2012 is right around the corner. Looking fwd to it.

I have the privilege of delivering 2 sessions at this year’s The Experts Conference.
I will be delivering Deep Dives on Social Computing and Governance in the area of Roles and Responsibilities. Expect all new material and a few suprises and handouts for my audience.
I felt really good in delivering 2 sessions at SPTECHCON and I’m scheduled to deliver at least 125 hours of Project Server 2010 and SharePoint Site Owner and Power User training leading up to the event so I’ll be razor sharp speaking-wise.
Aside from the SharePoint shenanigans, I’m really looking forward to the PowerShell deep dive sessions.
TEC is by far, one of the premiere conferences for PowerShell lectures.
View the TEC2012 site to register and find out more information:

Should SharePoint Recruiters Require a MCTS designation to demonstrate their skills and abilities ? In this SharePoint Careers post, I examine this area as every SharePoint skillset has a learning path to separate themselves from the rest and prove their abilities. Staffing professionals do not have this learning path from my understanding and vantage point.

Excerpt from Recruiter Certification article on SharePoint Careers

View the article and let me know your thoughts.

SPTECHCON 2012 was a great event which took on new energy since it was moved from Burlingame, CA directly into San Fran city limits which presented new opportunities for speakers and vendors to explore such a great Bay Area city.

My first session was Understanding SharePoint 2010 Roles and Responsibilities. This session was the largest audience that I’ve presented for at a SharePoint conference. It was great to field many great questions and the feedback and additions to this session will be as follows:
*Release Roles and Responsibilities breakdown document outlining key skillsets
needed for each key player on a SharePoint project
*Deliver features from the standpoint of “What does each role need to know?” and “How will things change?”

My 2nd session was directly after the first, which marked my first instance of speaking back-to-back at a SharePoint conference. I can tell you that my recent experiences of teaching 8 hour SharePoint Power User and Site Owner courses have provided me with the endurance to complete this feat.

My 2nd session was titled: Real World SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Adoption Strategies. I actually felt more energy going into the 2nd session. This presentation relies heavily on demos. I was happy to have ended the session exactly on time, which was an area I am working on perfecting.

Session Resources:

Please view the slide decks for both SPTECHCON sessions here:

Understanding SharePoint 2010 Roles and Responsibilities

Real World SharePoint 2010 Social Computing Adoption

I had a great time and improved as a Speaker as a result of  the experience.

Thanks to David, Katie, and staff for putting together an awesome conference!