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Here are 3 strategies that I shared on the SharePoint Blog on behalf of Planet Technologies on the topic of strategies to leverage SharePoint 2010 Enterprise social capabilities.

Read the full blog post in its entirety:
3 Tips to Leverage SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Computing Features

I will be doing a full 75 minute presentation on SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Computing Adoption Strategies at next month’s SharePoint Technology Conference. in San Francisco, California.

What are some of the challenges that you have face in deploying SharePoint’s social features? Please leave your comments or follow me on Twitter and we can get the discussion going.

Select the image above to view the Digital 101 “I am a Brand” Workshop that I delivered in Virginia Beach, VA.

Digital 101 came and went. I did it. Very proud.

I did it.

Digital 101 was a success for the simple reason that I followed through on my inspiration to deliver a high value independently funded workshop and it happened according to plan.

Special Thanks goes to: Kenneth Clark, CRC DJS, Sean and Archerville Media, Jae for the great home-cooked dinner afterwards, J-Rod and the Hot 91 WNSB Staff for the on-air interview, JTF Online for recording the event and producing the DVD of Digital 101, Mae and the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center staff, and the city of Norfolk (VA Beach) for continuing to support me.

This event won’t be the last but you never forget your first!

Below are the brief details for the new project.
*Lead SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 upgrade.
*Provide demonstration and Proof of concepts for Business Intelligence capabilities of
SharePoint 2010.
* Provide capacity planning and best practices recommendations for future growth
Migrate Site collections hosted on MOSS 2007 to new SharePoint 2010 environment
Client: Local Government Office based in Northern California
Environment: SharePoint 2007
OS: Windows 2003
Users: 200 pilot users. Expected to grow to estimated 350-400 users in 8-12 months.

Notes: PowerShell is an integral part of any upgrade or SharePoint 2010 installation. Avoiding this reality simply sets the stage for extra hours of configuration instead of developing scripts that will allow focus on additional areas to enable the project to run smoothly.

Onesheet offers new features for businesses and brands

Onesheet is a simple yet effective way to provide information about your product, service, for interacting with media and/or fans. The new enhancements position this platform as a must evaluate for 2012. On the latest Go Digital Radio podcast, I discuss the key new features for the Standard and Pro licenses.

Mr.Shadeed Explains New Enhancements by mrshadeed

Ning announced Terms of Service changes today as part of their September 2011 acquisition by Glam, which connects brands to online networks via premium advertising and publishing agreements. These changes impact Network Creators (site owners) in the areas of content sharing and for those owners who have purchased domains in conjunction with their Ning platform. How will these changes impact Ning moving forward? Find out during this segment of the Go Digital Radio Podcast.

Mr.Shadeed Explains Ning Terms of Service Changes by mrshadeed

This segment of Go Digital Radio centers around the rise of violence due to disagreements that start online on Social Networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. The incident that inspired this segment is rapper Young Jeezy’s recent interview on media outlet VLADTV where he mentions his grief over his friend’s murder over Twitter and recent events that started online and ended in cold-blooded murder. I have also provided some safety tips for avoiding drama and violence online.

Listen to internet radio with Go Digital Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Updating your websites, blogs, and social networks as an independent media outlet owner or personal brand is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a connection with your supporters and subscribers which directly leads to sponsors, advertisers and simply being relevant in your target market.
The question is: How often should your outlet be updated? In this episode of Go Digital Radio, this question and others will be answered. Tune in and leave your comments on my Twitter profile

Listen to internet radio with Go Digital Radio on Blog Talk Radio

In this segment of Let’s Talk Digital, I’m discussing Google Music’s decision to slash prices on albums and singles for the holidays in an effort to direct attention to the platform. How will this impact iTunes’ dominant market share?

Digital 101 Workshop information is also provided. You can purchase tickets online at:

Mr.Shadeed Discusses Google Music’s Strategy on Let’s Talk Digital by mrshadeed